About simu4wisdom

Simu4wisdom helps industry leaders develop talents and strategy communication, We are differentiate from any training company in 2 aspects:

  1. We only use simulation and serious game to facilitate learning
  2. We only customize programs base on business and competence develop requirements

Simu4wisdom ‘s Business Model:

The value composed of 3 parts:

We take the design works, collaboration with the famous HR consulting and training company, deliver the simulation learning solutions on customer’s talent develop, strategy alignment, and organization change requirements.

Designer & Consultant:

Howard Huang

Howard Huang designed and facilitated large strategic alignment…
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David Mawei

Mr. David MaWei focused on the field of business simulation training…
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Carol Shen

Ms.Carol Shen has 11 years background of human resource consulting…
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Templar Lu

Designer LU focus on game design 6+ years, especially being good at “board game design”. He had internalized diversity of game engines and mechanisms, based on researching more than 100 board games…
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Kathy Hanna

Kathy brings practical solutions to the challenges of organization effectiveness, leadership, motivation, strategy deployment, change initiatives and global diversity…
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Strategic partners:

ABSEL(Association of business simulation and experiential learning) found in 1973,simu4wisdom is the only member in mainland China。

TSB Thestrategyboard is the famous french strategy execution consulting firm use business simulation 。
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Benchmark world is a famous local HR consulting firm focus on competence development solution.
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