Society and Culture: Scarcity and Solidarity

布賴恩·S·特納教授 Professor Bryan S Turner
社會和文化:稀缺與團結(Society and Culture: Scarcity and Solidarity)簡介:
Society and Culture reclaims the classical heritage, provides a clear-eyed assessment of the promise of sociology in the 21st century and asks whether the `cultural turn' has made the study of society redundant.
Sociologists have objected to the rise of cultural studies on the grounds that it produces cultural relativism and lacks a stable research agenda. This book looks at these criticisms and illustrates the relevance of a sociological perspective in the analysis of human practice. The book argues that the classical tradition must be treated as a living tradition, rather than a period piece. It analyzes the fundamental principles of belonging and conflict in society and provides a detailed critical survey of the principal social theories that offer solutions to the challenges of modernism.



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  • 社會和文化:稀缺與團結 Society and Culture: Scarcity and Solidarity



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