The AMA Handbook of Leadership

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馬歇爾·史密斯 Marshall Goldsmith
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The AMA Handbook of Leadership features insights from best-of-the-best thought leaders and executive leadership coaches on topics from talent development, the arts and leadership, and competitive advantage through leadership, to leading across cultures, sustainability, executive transition, and many more timeless (and timely) issues. Filled with powerful examples and full case studies, the book includes previously unpublished articles from:

Frances Hesselbein • R. Roosevelt Thomas, Jr. • Dave Ulrich • John (Jack) Zenger • Nancy J. Adler • John Baldoni • Judith M. Bardwick • Marshall Goldsmith • James F. Bolt • Marc Effron • Joe Folkman • Colin Gautrey • Paul Hersey • Maya Hu-Chan • Beverly Kaye • Paula Kruger • Laurence S. Lyons • D. Quinn Mills • Howard Morgan • Luke Novelli, Jr. • Miriam Ort • Gary Ranker • Robert H. Rosen • Norm Smallwood • Andrew Sobel • Fons Trompenaars • Albert A. Vicere • Peter Woolliams • and Patricia Wheeler
In a challenging business climate, enterprises look to their leaders. Some situations call for drastic change, while others require the fortitude to stay the course. Who better to help today’s business leaders than the greatest leadership thinkers of our time?



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  • AMA 領導手冊 The AMA Handbook of Leadership



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