WordPress Bible

WordPress 圣經
阿倫·布拉澤爾 Aaron Brazell
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WordPress 圣經(WordPress Bible)簡介:

Install WordPress and go beyond blogging

WordPress is so flexible that developers are now tapping it to create robust applications for content, contact, and e-mail management. Whether you're a casual blogger or programming pro, this comprehensive guide covers WordPress from the basics through advanced application development. Learn how to use custom plugins and themes, retrieve data, maintain security, use social media, and modify your blog without changing any core code. You'll even get to know the ecosystem of products that surrounds this popular, open-source tool.

  • Enhance your blog's findability in the search engines and beyond

  • Discover hooks and leverage the WordPress event-driven programming interface

  • Create WordPress widgets in only a few minutes

  • Explore alternate uses of WordPress

  • Enhance your blog with WordPress MU

  • Ensure your plugins maintain future compatibility

  • Create highly customizable and dynamic themes using template tags

  • Learn best security practices as a user and developer

Companion Web Site

Visit www.wiley.com/go/wordpressbible for all of the author's example files from the book.

Install, secure, and maintain WordPress

Extend WordPress with plugins and themes

Enhance your blog with WordPress MU



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  • WordPress 圣經 WordPress Bible



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