Frommer’s New York State 2nd Edition

Frommer’s 紐約州 第2版
尼爾·E·斯楚爾特 Neil E. Schlecht
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Frommer’s 紐約州 第2版(Frommer’s New York State 2nd Edition)簡介:

Meticulously researched by a team of expert residents who know this region intimately, Frommer's New York State, 3rd Edition is an extraordinary and highly personal guide to one of America’s most diverse regions.

Frommer’s New York State is packed with candid opinions on everything about New York City, but also on the beaches, antiques shops, wineries, skiing, hiking, biking, and other outdoor adventures that make up the rest of New York State. We’ve covered all the perennial favorites, from the Hamptons to Niagara Falls, but we’ll also take you off the beaten track to discover New York's best small towns and natural escapes. Whether you want a romantic getaway in an upstate B&B or family fun on Long Island's best beaches, Frommer’s will help you design the trip that’s right for you.



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  • Frommer’s 紐約州 第2版 Frommer’s New York State 2nd Edition



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