Frommer’s South Africa 3rd Edition

Frommer’s 南非 第3版
皮帕·德布魯恩 Pippa De Bruyn
收藏和分享Frommer’s 南非 第3版:
Frommer’s 南非 第3版(Frommer’s South Africa 3rd Edition)簡介:
  • Completely updated every 2 years, Frommer's South Africa features gorgeous color photos of the sights and experiences that await you and a brand new history and culture chapter.
  • Our author, a lifelong resident of South Africa, hits all the highlights-including safaris in South Africa and Botswana, side trips to Victoria Falls, and vineyard tours outside Cape Town. She's checked out all the region's best game lodges, hotels, and restaurants in person; and she offers authoritative, candid reviews that will help you find the choices that suit your tastes and budget.
  • You'll also get up-to-the-minute coverage of World Cup 2010; the South African political dynamic and its effects on travel in the region; active travel advice in nearly every destination chapter; in-depth coverage of dining, shopping, and nightlife in Cape Town; detailed driving tours; dozens of maps; and side trips to Botswana, Victoria Falls, and Zambia.



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  • Frommer’s 南非 第3版 Frommer’s South Africa 3rd Edition



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