Frommer’s Portable Hong Kong 2nd Edition

Frommer’s 隨身寶之香港 第2版
貝特·雷厄貝爾 Beth Reiber
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Frommer’s 隨身寶之香港 第2版(Frommer’s Portable Hong Kong 2nd Edition)簡介:

Frommer's Portable Guides offer all the detailed information and insider advice of a Frommer's Complete Guide--but in a concise, pocket-sized format.

Perfect for the short-term traveler who insists on value and doesn't want to wade through or carry a full-size guidebook, this series selects the very best choices in all price categories and takes you straight to the top sights. Get the latest on hotels, restaurants, sightseeing, sports, shopping, and nightlife in a nutshell in these lightweight, inexpensive guides.

Authored by an experienced travel writer, Hong Kong provides insider descriptions of all of the districts of Hong Kong, complete with the best attractions, restaurants, hotels and shopping. Find out which restaurant serves the best duck, and where the most interesting and beautiful temples are located. Frommer's puts the best of this exciting city at your fingertips!



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  • Frommer’s 隨身寶之香港 第2版 Frommer’s Portable Hong Kong 2nd Edition



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