jQuery Cookbook

林德利·科迪 Lindley Cody
jQuery“食譜”(jQuery Cookbook)簡介:
jQuery simplifies building rich, interactive web frontends. Getting started with this JavaScript library is easy, but it can take years to fully realize its breadth and depth; this cookbook shortens the learning curve considerably. With these recipes, you'll learn patterns and practices from 19 leading developers who use jQuery for everything from integrating simple components into websites and applications to developing complex, high-performance user interfaces.

Ideal for newcomers and JavaScript veterans alike, jQuery Cookbook starts with the basics and then moves to practical use cases with tested solutions to common web development hurdles. You also get recipes on advanced topics, such as methods for applying jQuery to large projects.


  • Solve problems involving events, effects, dimensions, forms, themes, and user interface elements
  • Learn how to enhance your forms, and how to position and reposition elements on a page
  • Make the most of jQuery's event management system, including custom events and custom event data
  • Create UI elements-such as tabs, accordions, and modals-from scratch
  • Optimize your code to eliminate bottlenecks and ensure peak performance
  • Learn how to test your jQuery applications

The book's contributors include:


  • Cody Lindley
  • James Padolsey
  • Ralph Whitbeck
  • Jonathan Sharp
  • Michael Geary and Scott González
  • Rebecca Murphey
  • Remy Sharp
  • Ariel Flesler
  • Brian Cherne
  • Jörn Zaefferer
  • Mike Hostetler
  • Nathan Smith
  • Richard D. Worth
  • Maggie Wachs, Scott Jehl, Todd Parker, and Patty Toland
  • Rob Burns



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  • jQuery“食譜” jQuery Cookbook



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